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Jotsey debut single called ‘Colours’ is out now.

Jotsey is a 22 year old singer- songwriter from the UK. After playing in a pop punk band Jotsey decided that he wanted to create music himself, combing electronic pop sounds with a guitar based soul. Once Jotsey started writing, songs started pouring out of him and before he knew it, he had many songs stored on his computer. After a while Jotsey found a producer in South Manchester (kommy at SHED studios)  who worked out from his garden shed and Jotsey was really happy with the sound. 

His debut single ‘Colours’ is out today. With a touch of James Bay and Bon Iver, ‘Colours’ is Jotesy’s effort to being something new to the pop scene. ‘Colours’ is a mix of “an acoustic soul with modern, ambient and electronic pop tones.” as Jotesy stated. ‘Colours’  is the perfect showcase for Jotsey’s beautiful vocals that astounds me how lovely they are and full of variety. Meaning wise it is about being in a toxic relationship but only seeing the good rather than the bad. I can totally relate to this! ‘Colours’ is an amazing effort for a debut single and I look forward to what comes next from Jotsey. Bring it on!

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