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Marc Aliana releases music video to his single called ‘The Entertainer (Feat. Allie Corpuz)’.

Spanish singer songwriter Marc Aliana is a talented artist who has earned nominations in the American Songwriting Awards and the Hollywood Songwriting Competition. Aliana moved to the US and even though had no real plans to stay, he found work as a guitarist and found himself on tours across the US, Mexico and Japan. Aliana had a need to write his own music but some vocal damage meant that was not happening. After a world tour with the dance show Burn The Floor he returned to San Francisco Bay Area as started writing again. This lead to ‘The Entertainer’.

‘The Entertainer’ was inspired by time he lived in LA, and explores our world culture of worshipping people seen as celebrities and how we can feel alienated from others. ‘The Entertainer’  is made up of international collaborations, drums from Barcelona, and mixed and co produced in Mexico city, the mastered back in LA. I really like the vocal sound of Marc Aliana, the guitars and of course the meaning. The music video suits the message of the song, with the celebrities wearing masks, I found this imagery to pack a punch to the fake ness of the celebrity scene. Overall I find ‘The Entertainer’ to be a song to listen to and now you can watch it here as well. 



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