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Enjune drops new single called ‘Lost in the Woods feat. Corey Harper’.

Enjune is the moniker for Jake Goble’s musical project. Growing up loving music, spending time listening to the radio with his dad and listen to boy bands with his mum he learned how much music can make a difference to us, both in mind and body. Moving to Venice Beach he attended an intimate concert at Winston House and it was here that he made connections and ended up working as a production assistant and a part of their media team. Learning, even more, when he worked with Chase McBride as a marketing director Jake has absorbed all these skills. Still using these skills on how to be an independent artist, he has now released his own single called ”Lost in the Woods’. 

When I first heard ‘Lost in the Woods’ I was entranced. I shut my eyes and let the song wash over me. Jake’s vocal sound has a haunting echo and is full of heartbreak. His last release was ‘Teal Dreams’ that left fans waiting more and Corey Harper, a friend of Jake’s for ten years thought that they should make Enjune’s next single together. Corey tells is what it was like working with Enjune here ” I’m honored that Jake trusted me and particularly my early experience with producing. The song came together in my studio throughout a few days of working on it. It all just fell together, and the song served as a vessel for our friendship to become stronger and learn more about each other than we ever could from an occasional house show. This is my debut as a producer, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’m thankful.”  I feel they make a great team as well. I have a personal connection to  ‘Lost in the Woods’ and I think others will too. It showcases Jakes incredible vocal sound that I could listen to forever. Take a listen to ‘Lost in the Woods’ here. You won’t regret it! 

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