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Luca Schreiner chats to Jen about his latest release ‘Tomorrow’ and more.

After honing his craft as a music producer for over four years, 24-year old Luca Schreiner from Stuttgard decided to take centre-stage as a performer with huge success. His style varies between classic dance, tropical influences and elements of the pop world. Luca’s unique mix of sounds brings a new freshness to the music industry and provides a distinctly elegant listening experience. Luca is currently signed with Ultra Music and has had huge success with several remixes for the likes of Clean Bandit, Kelly Clarkson, Professor Green, Vance Joy, Louis Tomlinson, ZAYN, Alessia Cara, Nina Nesbitt, Why Don’t We, Sia, James Arthur, Matoma, Shaggy, Pitbull and many more.

After his tremendous debut single ‘Missing’ on Ultra, which covers the old time classic from Everything But The Girl, Luca got asked to do several remixes for some of the biggest labels of today’s music business including Atlantic, Universal, Def Jam, Ultra, Sony, Armada and more. His Spotify numbers are incredible, he has reached over 95 million Streams on Spotify alone and even more on other platforms.

Besides Luca’s successful productions he also played at some of the biggest festivals & clubs of the world like the Ferdinands Feld Festival, World Club Dome, Marquee New York and World Club Cruise next to artists like Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo, Felix Jaehn, Kungs, Jonas Blue and many more! At just 23, he’s showing real promise and we can’t wait to see what he continues to achieve within the realms of the music industry!

Jen had the opportunity to interview Luca. Check out their chat here. 

Hi Luca, thanks for your time.

Thanks for having me!

Early on in your life did you always have the desire and drive to be a DJ & producer?

Due to my dad, who’s also been in the music industry himself for more than 27 years, I’ve always been in touch with music, in particular electronic music. So I knew quite early that I wanted to work in the music industry myself. When I was sixteen I then knew I wanted to become a DJ and producer, the whole industry inspires me.

Who were your main inspirations? (People you know or DJ’s etc) You have an amazing sound and each song is so different so it seems to me that the artists could be very eclectic.

There are a lot of DJs and producers I look up to. Especially The Chainsmokers who are artists that I admire and who inspire me in my own creating and songwriting. They always try to combine new musical styles together, which is what I love for myself too. What also helps a lot to stay inspired is that I’m really open to a lot of genres and I’m a big fan of commercial radio music, too. Since pretty much all genres are getting played on the radio I also tend to like a pretty wide range of musical styles, which are all still in a commercial environment but also different within each another. 

You are relevantly new in the big scheme of the music industry, yet you have released on the likes of Ultra Records. Can you tell us how that came about?
I used to produce all different kinds of music at first, mainly more in the EDM / Big Room world. But pretty early I realized that I’m more interested in the song as such rather than the creation of an instrumental that can work without a vocal line. Luckily I always had contact with Ultra Records, to which I’ve sent all my tracks to. After years of sending more EDM type of tracks, they finally got excited about my cover of „Missing“, which was still electronic music but in a more song-orientated way; in a pop-style. I signed with them the next day and I’m happy to have released so many songs with them.

I really liked your single ‘Tomorrow’, it stood out from the many music submissions on Submithub. Can you please take me through the writing process of the song?
When I first began „Tomorrow“ in its demo version I wasn’t quiet sure if this was the right fit for my project since it was a little more „Pop“ than what  I usually did before. But the more I got into the writing and the whole production of it, I absolutely fell in love with it and definitely wanted to put it out under my name.  

I love the music video. It makes me want to go on holidays and spend my days with the one I love and enjoy every minute. Was it your concept to have two people clearly in love as the theme of the video? It suits the song very well.
Actually, the concept and idea was it to have two friends escaping their daily life and struggles by driving to Lake Como and just having a great time on their own there. „Tomorrow“ obviously describes exactly that feeling in its lyrics. Not taking the day-to-day life to serious and escaping the daily obligations from time to time.

Where was it shot? I loved all the old buildings. Being from Australia I don’t recognize any landmarks.

It was shot near Lake Como in beautiful Italy.

You play many Festivals, gigs beside many top names in the business, do you still get nervous before your set? I think a bit of nerves is good as it shows you want to do your best set ever.
Absolutely, I still get nervous before every set. As you said, you always to do your best set and obviously most of the times you can’t control how things go besides yourself performing on stage, i.e. weather or the timetable. But as soon as I play my fist track the nervous feeling is completely gone and I get excited.

Is there any artist that you know share stages with that you still can’t believe that you are?
I once shared the stage with Axwell /| Ingrosso in a club here in my hometown Stuttgart. It was such an insane feeling for me to play before one of my biggest inspirations that got me into DJing and producing. I always looked up to the Swedish House Mafia and couldn’t believe my eyes once the two of them came up on stage right behind me. 

What a great opportunity! Before you go on stage is there any rituals that you do? I have heard some funny ones in my time!
Not really to be honest. I’m actually more of the one that makes jokes and can’t really hide his excitement rather than being super focused and calm. I always try to get my friends and team around and just have a good time before I go on stage. 

Do you have any new releases coming out soon? 
I’ve been working like crazy in the studio lately and can’t wait to show you all these new songs. Most of them are already finished so me and my team are just figuring out the right release schedule for them.

I look forward to hearing them. Thanks Lucas. 

Thanks for all the support!

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