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Francis Moon drops a single called ‘Chance’.

Swede Francis Pettersson has a solo project called Francis Moon. After the success of his single ‘In Colour’ that boosted his streams to over 2.5 million on just Spotify! Francis has released other music under different names so is no newcomer to the music industry. His sound is Indie rock mixed with a touch of dreamlike atmosphere. Francis had some changes in his personal life made him full of sorrow. Using this emotion he wrote the song ‘Chance’. Without the anxiety and mixed feelings he felt before the change he was free to sing about the experience of moving forward but with some pain from the past. I liked ‘Chance’ as I really connected to the lyrics and understood the emotions that the song portrays. Francis has a great vocal sound and the music is a great support for that. Take a listen to ‘Chance’ here. 


Find Francis Moon on





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