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OFFICER release new single called ‘Tilt The Clox’.

Singer-songwriter Dc Logan writes and releases music under the moniker of OFFICER. Based in London, although born in Glasgow and raised Northern Ireland he moved to London to get his music heard. His latest single ‘Tilt The Clox’ refers to the Daylight Savings (Aussie term) when we put our clocks back an hour.’Tilt The Clox’ is actually based on the UK moving the clocks that signify the end of summer. What stood out for me about ‘Tilt The Clox’ was the unique sound of OFFICER’s vocals. I do like vocals that stand out. The song explores a character that is in denial about the consequences of their mistakes and feels that turning the clocks back will fix everything. Interesting concept. Take a listen to ‘Tilt The Clox’ here. 

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