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One Light release single ‘Run’.

Photo credit: Therese Bruno Romell

Recently I reviewed One Light’s single Edge of a Knife , now they have released another review worthy song called ‘Run”.

One Light are a band originating from Helsingborg, a southern town advertised as “The friendliest city in Sweden”. Eddie Zetterberg (keyboard) explains the meaning behind the band’s name. The name ”One Light” refers to that little piece of belief that never leaves you. A feeling of freedom and hope when you need it the most, something that still throws a spark in your deepest dark.”  I think that is a great name for a band. An inspirational name to keep hope alive.

From the first few guitar strums, I knew that I would review ‘Run’. This song is a pop/rock anthem that would be amazing to hear live, or in a full car with everyone singing, well everyone really!  The meaning of the song is expressing the power of keeping things simple. Linus does a sterling job with his vocals as always. The whole song is full of variety and I really love that. Comparisons to pop artists like Thomas Stenström or Idol winner Chris Kläfford have been made and they have supported both artists. One Light are a band to watch as they full of talented musicians. Take a listen to ‘Run’ here. 

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All members:

  • Linus Karlsson (lead vocals)
  • Eddie Zetterberg (keyboard)
  • Martin Tell (guitars)
  • Pontus Persson (bass)
  • Viktor Nilsson (drums)

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