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Geebs drops new single ‘Lose’.

Shawn Andrews AKA Geebs is a 25-year-old from Syracuse, New York. After spending his youth being too self-conscious to sing, he realised that he was getting to the stage in his life that he better use his talent. Featuring alongside Mike O’Leary in his song ‘Sunday Morning’ Geebs really liked what they heard and he took the step to take his music to the next level. Releasing more music with Mike O’Leary earlier this year Geebs got itchy feet and made the decision to write his own music. His second single ‘Lose’ is a super catchy tune with passion clearly heard in Geeb’s vocals. The hook in the vocals is super strength! ‘Lose’ is not just a catchy pop tune, it is a contemporary love song. Still, if you don’t want to get caught up in the lyrics, you can crank up the volume and dance away. Check out ‘Lone’ here. I look forward to more music from Geebs!


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