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Grayson TY and Fleurke release new single called ‘One Regret’.

Grayson Ty and Fleuke have joined up to release a beautiful duet called ‘One Regret’.  Both singer-songwriters who have previously had success with their solo music and after meeting through a mutual friend they decided to make the magic that is  ‘One Regret’. I adore both vocal sounds individually and even more so together. ‘One Regret’ is certainly a relatable song, it is about losing a lover, and moving on, although the feeling of what could have been. I think this is a totally relatable song as many of us will feel this way. The lyrics “I wasn’t ready, too young forever‘ hit me as being relatable in my life. When both artists in a duet are as talented as Grayson Ty and Fleuke they should create an amazing song and they have for sure. Take a listen here. 




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