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Jerry Jacobs drops single ‘Shot in the Dark’.

South Carolina artist Jerry Jacobs was raised in the seemingly constant exposure to a multiple of genres of music. Jerry’s style of music is modern country, either though I am not a fan of country music, his single ‘Shot in the Dark’ is an exception. I really like the story about Jerry’s original love for music when he was 5 he went to a Hootie & The Blowfish concert (great parenting I think!) and he fell in love with them. Jerry has just released a single called ‘Shot in the Dark’ that caught my attention with the catchy music, his amazing vocal sound and the song’s meaning. ‘Shot in the Dark’ is a song that is expressing that he has changed and he deserves another chance and for the someone he his singing to, he really wants to express how he has changed and is a better man. This song is a very personal song for Jerry and I admire him for opening himself to put authenticity in his music. I like songs that are honest and based on the artist’s personal life as then the song can be sung with emotion, just like ‘Shot in the Dark’. Jerry has a beautiful vocal sound that really does make the song special. Take a listen here. 


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