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AMbassadors of Morning release new single ‘Dance With Destiny’.

Singer/songwriter Samir Moussa (aka Mussa) is the leader of Ambassadors of Morning. Samir has moved around the world while growing up and studying. With family roots from Colombia and Lebanon, raised in the USA and studied Environmental Management at the University of Toronto. Winning awards for previous, work his latest single ‘Dance With Destiny’ is featured in the multi-award-winning Hollywood film TURNOVER AND is currently nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award (11/20/19)! Amazing! ‘Dance With Destiny’ also made number two on Australia’s Indie Charts, so I knew the school before this submission.

‘Dance With Destiny’ starts off with a catchy guitar hook and when the main music started I was already hooked. Samir’s vocals are amazing, with emotion in them as well as a strength that is admirable. I seriously love ‘Dance With Destiny’, it is interesting and I like the way it makes me feel when I listen to it. Take a listen here.  

Social Media and extra work to watch and listen to.

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