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Hayes Peebles releases new single called ‘Riddle Me’.

Alt-country and indie-folk artist from Nashville via Brooklyn, Hayes Peebles has an unique sound sitting somewhere between country, blues and rock. When Hayes Peebles made the Rolling Stone Country’s “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know” he spent some time with his creative self and laid down seven songs. These songs have a range of sounds and will be released when needed. Today I heard ‘Riddle Me’, his second release. I adore the relaxed laid back feel of the song. Hayes vocals are strong and have a touch of twang that I really like. Written after a night out of heavy drinking at a bar in Greenpoint called The Palace. I like how the song is not offering answers or understanding of how good we are or are not, it is about taking responsibility but no one actually knows what to do with the so called responsibility.  Take a listen to ‘Riddle Me’ here. 


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