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Lola Scott drops new single called ‘Loveless’.

Here is a song called ‘Loveless’ that blew me away with the amazing vocals of Lola Scott. This indie-pop song with heavy synths is extremely interesting to listen to and very relatable for many. Her father had introduced her to genre’s like new-wave, post-punk synth-pop and inspired she began piano lessons but it was not until she started to learn the guitar when Lola fell in love with music. 
Lola states this about ‘Loveless’. 

Loveless was an immature teenage tantrum at a time when I felt smothered by my parents. I was worn out by clashing perspectives, questioning what we had in common. This mood was short-lived & feels childish now, I feel like it reflects my impulsiveness, & shit way of expressing how I both love people & feel exhausted by them simultaneously. Over time it’s become more about wanting to show love but not knowing how to and an all-round inability to share intimate feelings. Ps love my parents.’


I admire Lola’s honesty in writing a song about the strained relationship between parents and teens. I think we can all relate to this. I also like that she explains that she loves her parents. ‘Loveless’ certainly has what it takes to climb the charts and I hope it gets the exposure it needs for that. Lola is a young Sydney artist who I think is one to watch. Take a listen to ‘Loveless’ here. 


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