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Loose Buttons release new single ‘Something Better’.

Photo credit: Joshua Aronson
I do love great garage rock songs. Today I found ‘Something Better’ by Loose Buttons that caught my interest. ‘Something Better’ is the title track from their EP that is out soon. I love ‘Something Better’ as even though it has the grunge garage rock sound, the vocals are clear and I could connect to the song. Eric’s vocals are amazing and soar above the music. 
Eric Nizgretsky, (lead singer ) states this about the song’s meaning “It’s really about the ultimate goal of creating a life I can be proud of while learning to cope with those pesky, looming doubts. Over the years I’ve been forced to take a look back at my parents’ failed marriage, among other things, and I guess my fear is that the relationships I hold dear in my life will inevitably end in similar ways. It’s those potential setbacks and uncertainties that’ve served as motivation to channel my fears into something positive, or rather, ‘something better.'”
This is a concept that many people will relate to. After having a marriage break up, I too now look at relationships in a different way and almost are waiting for them to breakdown. It takes time to heal from this. One way is to listen to ‘Something Better’ here. An excellent song worth adding to your fav playlist. 



November 21 – Elsewhere (Zone One) – Brooklyn, NY
December 18 – Boot & Saddle – Philadelphia, PA

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