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The Moving Stills release single called ‘Stick Around’.

Alternative Rockers The Movie Stills are from Macmasters Beach on the NSW coast. They have already released a single earlier last year called ‘Nineteen’ that was featured in many Spotify playlists and Triple J’s Home and Hosed show with Declan Byrne. Their second single ‘Photo Upload’ was featured by music blogs all over the world. Now they have released a song that is worthy of much more. ‘Stick Around’  is a little different from their previous sound as Nick (Drums) says “It’s a whole new sound for us”. Adding in more synths but keeping the garage pop element that is their style. The song just not just sound great, it has a deep meaning about how we need to work on sustaining our important relationships. To make the song even better, the vocals are outstanding. ‘Stick Around’  is a song to listen to right now! 




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