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MishCatt releases new single ‘Blue Blood’.

MishCatt is from San Jose, Costa Rica who when growing up used music as a way of expressing herself. It has been a while since she released her debut EP, Highlighter that had over 30 million streams making her the highest streamed artist in Costa Rica. Now she is back with a new single called ‘Blue Blood’, the first track of her second EP ‘The Real Pavo’. MishCatt is the monkier of Michelle González, who was the singer and songwriter of the album ‘Dangerous Intentions’ of her former band Patterns. Music is in her blood, with her family being musically and artistic. 

MishCatt says this about her new single. “Blue Blood is about remembering an affair you had one summer, but with the blue melancholy, cold tones of fall. It’s about an adventure, feeling very connected to a person you just met, a true authentic connection, mixed with the sadness that you may never have that feeling again.” 

I can connect to this song when I think back to my youth and my summer romances, it is an adventure and that connection to a person that you might never see again. I was drawn to ‘Blue Blood’ due to psychedelic sounds and how groovy the song is. It is a great-sounding song that makes me feel great when I listen to it. MishCat has an incredible vocal sound that I truly could listen to all day. ‘Blue Blood’ is from her second EP ‘The Real Pavo’ out now. 


Visit MishCatt Online:

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