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‘Satellite’ is Skip Curtis latest single.

Skip Curtis is no newcomer to the music industry. Making the move to a solo artist has really paid off for Skip as he has just released a real gem of a song called ‘Satellite’. I love how the song transforms from a sad introduction full of gloom to a full-blown song.  This is how his solo live shows go as well, he mixes both stripped back acoustic shows as well as a full live band. ‘Satellite’ is a song that is begging for communication between two people that were travelling along well together but after a while fell out of sync. 

Skip tells us this about ‘Satellite’. ‘I’ve been both sides of the scenario that I write about in Satellite. I’ve felt the frustration of wanting answers or just wanting to help someone who doesn’t want to talk. But I’ve also been the other side and shut myself away. Whatever the issue, talking about it generally seems to help. Whether it’s in moving forward, moving apart or just helping to cope.’

Take a listen to ‘Satellite’ here to hear Skips amazing vocals and overall sound. 

Satellite is the third single taken from Skip’s debut album Culture Violet planned for release in 2020.



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