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Kylie Spence releases new single called ‘Give Me A Reason’.

Pop artist Kylie Spence started writing songs when she was 12 and began to play at local open mics and coffee shops while realising that she loves the connection between her songs and the listeners. Sadly when Kylie was in High School she became unwell and spent time writing songs under her parent’s garage. Kylie learnt that songwriting was her passion and that she would seek a career in music. 

Kylie’s latest release called ‘Give Me A Reason’ is the perfect showcase for Kylie beautiful vocals. With gentle guitar to support her vocals, it makes the lyrics stand out. The meaning of the song will be relatable for anyone that has been for a breakup. Lyrics such as “All that I ask is you give me a reason to hate you so I can stop loving you, as we both know that you’re no good for my soul, if I could take a pill and forget you I would.” What clever lyrics! Super connectable lyrics for those recovering after a heartbreak. Of course, there are many more meaningful lyrics, you will have to listen to find out. You can do that here. 



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