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Zac Pajak releases music video for ‘Not Around’

Zac Pajak began busking in the suburbs of London and started producing his own songs from a home-made studio in his parents’ garden shed. Jake Gosling (Major LazerWileyLady Gaga) heard him and being a platinum-selling producer arranged for Zac to collaborate with artists like Major Lazer, Mr Eazi , Raye, Danny Jones, NUUX and Dusky Grey. 2018 saw Zac work with a friend and artist Connor Mac under the name of Indigo Child, an electronic-soul duo.

Zac Pajak has just released a music video for his single ‘Not Around’. This is a song full of sadness. Zac has an amazing vocal sound as well as the ability to make contrasting music that shows conflicting emotions. Zac says this about the music video.

“It’s a sad song about accepting the absence of a loved one. With the video we simply wanted to project this feeling of loss and absence. It starts with the cosy bedroom setting of a relationship which is then stripped away piece by piece and left empty by the end.”

The music video made an impact on me and with the vocal sound and music keeping my attention and me connecting to the meaning I had to review it and share it in the hope that the song would be heard and people can also connect to ‘Not Around’ like I did.

Live dates

Dec 2nd – The Wheatsheaf, Esher


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