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Frank Hamilton releases new single called ‘Song For The Runners Up’.

Frank Hamilton is certainly experienced and well known in the music industry. He started a #OneSongaWeek project that started in his living room and ended up with a Number 1 album on iTunes featuring Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Josephine from Oh Wonder and Lauren Aquilina. Frank has sold out two UK tours and has a Christmas Show, ‘Crikey, It’s Christmas’ that is held in his living room, rather squishy! 

Frank Hamilton has just released his single ‘Song For The Runners Up’. Rather than be a sad song about people coming second it is rather a boost intended to help those who did their best but someone else did better. Franks states this about this song. 

““In a world obsessed with winning, the runners up don’t tend to get much love, so I wrote a song about it – here’s to them and here’s to us :)”. After all, runners up are in great company. Star Wars lost out to Annie Hall for the Best Picture Oscar, Adam Lambert went on to sell 3 million albums and tour the world with Queen after coming second on American Idol, Buzz Aldrin still stood on the moon and took in that view.

Frank has a great way of storytelling in this song. Frank has gentle yet strong vocals that really do tell a story. Take a listen here. 



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