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 Kalan releases first music video as a rapper.

 I am so impressed with Kalan’s first music video! The song ‘Motivate’ is well written and the lyrics are very meaningful and relatable. I really love how I can understand all the lyrics which is unusual for a rap song. Kalan is 13 years old and is in year 8 which is hard to believe as ‘Motive’ has such a mature meaning and sound. This is one talented young man! ‘Motivate’ is a song explaining that the world needs more people that can turn negativity into positivity and motivation. The first part of the song indicates that Kalan himself has been bullied himself, and sends a clear message to his tormenters that he does not care, as his music is more important than their hate. Kalan’s music video is set in a high song and features his hip hop dancing skills. 

I love this song and music video because it is so real. Listening to it, I can relate to the message as at no matter what age there is hate and tormentors so I hope I can be influenced but ‘Motivates’ message. Kalan has a perfect voice for rapping and I admire the pace he can keep up. This won’t be the last we hear of Kalan and ‘Motivate deserves to climb the charts all over the world. I look forward to what comes next for this talented teenager. 



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