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Michael Barrow & The Tourists release new single called ‘Something New’.

Indie Rockers Michael Barrow & The Tourists have a gift of mixing genres of folk-rock, vintage soul with indie rock. This is evident in their new single called ‘Something New’. The EP of the same name has just been released following singles already released called ‘Sweet Honey’ which was added to Spotify’s Sabah Kahvesi editorial playlist (100,000 followers) and ‘Never Stop’ which was a taste of what is on the EP. 

‘Something New’ is not the usual sound of songs I choose to review. However, there was so much in the song that I fell in love with. Michael Barrow’s vocals are smooth and in the first verse are so inviting which encouraged me to keep listening. His beautiful vocals have a range that is delightful. The music is really laid back and support the vocals really well. I enjoyed the keyboard particularly as I have not heard keyboards in a while. They sounded great.  ‘Something New’ is not a song you want to miss and you can listen here. 





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