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Ferdinant releases new single ‘Half a Decent Man’.

Tomas Ferdinant’s interest in music began in Portugal when he found his father’s old busking guitar. Tomas found his voice during his Theatre school as well as writing some ideas for songs. Making a move to Berlin to focus on his music and leaving the modelling and acting world behind him to focus directly on his music. His debut EP was written while he was settling into life in Berlin.

Tomas new release ‘Half a Decent Man’ was written after his best friend left Hamburg. They had previously lived very similar lives but this was the first time to Tomas had not moved with him. The first time that I listened to ‘Half a Decent Man’ I was intrigued by Tomas strong vocal sound, yet the emotion in them makes Tomas vulnerable. Moving around a lot Tomas does get lonely and misses his friends. ‘Half a Decent Man’ discusses whether or not moving to a new place to see new places and travel or whether or not you are searching for a new home. 

Check out ‘Half a Decent Man’ here. 



You can purchase ‘Half A Decent Man’ here 

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