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Kensington Moore releases new single ‘Karma’.

Kensington Moore moved to LA three years ago from Nashville. She brought with her the practice of songs being a story that tells the truth. Kensington combines classical songwriting with the influence of Jazz, R&B, and Pop. Her latest single is called ‘Karma’ which is a perfect showcase for Kensington’s amazing vocal sound.  There is a certain sense of satisfaction when you witness or hear about an incident of Karma. Although when it happens to us we say Karma’s a bitch.

Kensington states that this line is her favourite in the song ‘take it as a promise, no it’s not a threat – you’ll be paying homage to my upper hand.’ Explaining that she feels that it is the most savage lyric that she has even written. it is pretty full-on and the feeling of resentment is clear. Still, I believe that we all have moments that we feel that way and it does not necessarily mean you are a bad person. Take a listen to this great song called ‘Karma’. I will be adding it to my fav playlist. You should too! 

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