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Loser Company releases single ‘Blueberry Skies’.

Indie rock band Loser Company was founded by Motor City Originals Mas Kihira and Will Saunders. Loser Company’s music consists of a balance of harmonic grit, infectious melody and lyrics that make you stop and think. Loser Company is on a mission to fuse the losers and to unite them. Loser Company has just released a new single called ‘Blueberry Skies’ from the album of the same name. It is their first compilation release, up till now they have released a series of standalone songs. 

Loser Company’s message seems to be that is ok to be a loser as losing teachers us to win. I love the different sounding vocals and the driving guitar. Take a listen to 
‘Blueberry Skies’ here. I found it to be engaging and a song worthy of my fav’s playlist. 




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