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Stirling releases new single ‘Who Am I Kidding?’.

Stirling is set to be “Scotland’s next global superstar” by Jim Gillatly of the Scottish Sun. Stirling has had many years of experience writing songs for other artists and he realised that the songs that he was writing and giving away were songs of his personal journey that he wanted to tell himself. Stirling was determined to make his mark on the world. His latest single ‘Who Am I Kidding?’ was written about attempting to remove someone from his life completely. Unfortunately, Stirling found that it is impossible to remove someone completely from his life as they have shared experience and are part of a chapter of both of their lives. I adore Stirlings vocals, the sound, the variation and the emotion in them. It is great to hear a song that means something and that I can relate to it. ‘Who Am I Kidding? is destined to be a hit, It certainly deserves it! Listen here and stayed tuned for a music video to be released at a later date. 



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