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MAB drop new single ‘Bad Thing’.

MAB boys were raised in Armonk, a small suburb of New York. Not meeting until 2018 when as music usually does, brings people together. MAB are not in this business for fame but they create music because they love to create. Their creativity does not end at music, they also write screenplays. This is MAB’s hope for their music. 

“But what we hope for, more than anything else, is to create a language that people from all corners of the world can connect with. To decorate the universe with stories and sounds that help us understand each other. Because understanding each other, in our opinions, is one of the greatest kept secrets to world peace.”

I admire them for this and I totally agree! Their latest single ‘Bad Thing’ is about an affair in Las Vegas. I really like how the song builds plus the unique sounding vocals. ‘Bad Thing’ is a catchy tune that really did stay with me for the rest day. In a good way of course. The music is varied and the bass does really make the music interesting. Take a listen here to ‘Bad Thing’.



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