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The JAB release new single ‘Riot’.

Photo Credit Karen Rettig

The Jab are back! After 5 years of recovery from addiction frontman Jam Alker opens his soul to let us in in this brutally honest classic rock gem of a song called ‘Riot’. A super real song that is hard to find these days. Music Injection Aus

The Jab are back and with a brutally honest explanation of why they took a break. Jam Alker (frontman), a recovering heroin addict had put his family through hell and now after a very tough time has reached 5 years of being clean. Jam is not only clean but he has had immense spiritual and emotional growth. ‘Consume’ their newest album not only has Jam’s story but the other band members Tom Stukel, Terry Byrne, Ryan Herrick, and Alex Piazza all contribute in the songwriting and musical direction. 

I adore ‘Riot’ as it really is an honest raw song that tells us Jam’s story. His vocals are full of emotion, are strong and are varied. With the amount of talent and experience in the rest of the band, it is no wonder that the song stands out from the crowd. In 2020 The Jab is playing at the main stages of Lollapalooza and Coachella, before Reading/Leeds and Glastonbury. If you are planning on going, check them out! In the meantime listen to ‘Riot’ here. 


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