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LUMiN drops new single ‘The Worst Thing’.

LA-based artist Lumin had a super busy 2019, breaking from under Sony/ATV, LUMiN and spending the first half of the year writing. His previous releases had solid streaming stats and has now released a new single called ‘The Worst Thing’. This is a super contagious song from his newly released debut E.P. ‘LUMiNADE and his first music video to go with it. Lumin’s alternative pop is certainly interesting to listen to and I hit repeat quite a few times even though I knew I would review and share it. I like his vocal style that matches the short drum beats. Lyrically ‘The Worst Thing’ is relatable, for anyone that was in a happy place then met someone that really shook them up. Take a listen ”The Worst Thing” here. 

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