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Josefine Landelius releases new single called ‘Breathe’.

Josefine Landelius is a talented singer-songwriter that I have reviewed before. Every song I listen to of her’s I am blown away with her vocal talent. Her latest release ‘Breathe’ is no exception. This song is the title track of her new EP which is a collection of her released music. Josefine tells us that ‘Breathe’ was one of the first songs she wrote. How incredible that this amazing song was written without the experience of many songs under her belt! ‘Breathe’ is a song that is super relatable to all. It is about dealing with many emotions that can hold us back. One of the emotions is insecurity and Josefine shares her real and deepest feelings with us. I really admire how Josefine can do that and it is a sign of a good artist. She is honest in her songwriting and I admire that. Take a listen to ‘Breathe’ here. 


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