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Silent Neighbor releases new single called ‘Rebecca’.

Every now again I hear a song that is very different from the music I listen to that stands out to me and catches my interest. Silent Neighbor’s new single ‘Rebecca’ is one of those songs. Philipp Saner, lead singer and writer of ‘Rebecca’ was a punk rock fan when he started his musical career then changed into a “Jazz nerd’. Silent Neighbor has been his project for a while and with a newish band in place he feels that he can play songs exactly the way he wants. 

Philipp Saner’s vocals are unique and interesting. The vocals are definitely what stood out for me first and then I fell in love with the music as well. I really like the way he sings ‘I put my foot down’. It is hard to say why exactly, just that I do! I encourage readers to give this song a listen, it is different but it is sooooo good!








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