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HAUNTER releases new single called ‘Love you Better’.

Alternative Pop band Haunter was created by “former emo kids and one metalhead” who have joined together to form this band back on 2016. Enoma (guitars/synths) producer/songwriter and Tyler Smyth (I Prevail, Falling In Reverse, Blessthefall) were looking to form a band so they could use their creativity for something unique. They were joined by Lucy LeNoir, Mike Ray and Mark Schroeder a little later. They then wrote music that was very similar to their other bands so they stopped doing that and started again. The music that they made then was (and I quote from their press release) “stemmed directly from their collective belief that music is akin to love and its ability to connect and heal people through shared experience. It is in those moments at the studio, HAUNTER was born.”

Haunter’s debut single ‘Love You Better’ was released on Valentines Day but is more of an anti-love song which is refreshing! The song was inspired by failed relationships and one night hook up scene in society today. The song has a strong pop sound and features powerful and incredible vocals that are great to sing loudly along with. I really do enjoy listening to ‘Love You Better’ as it is honest and all over what it is like these days to try and find a relationship. I encourage you to take a listen to ‘Love You Better’ rather than the many love songs that were released on Valentines Day too. (not that there is anything wrong with those songs if you have someone to love!) I look forward to hearing more from Haunter.

Listen to ‘Love you Better’ here

You can keep up with the band by following @haunterisntreal on all social channels.

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