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Giacomo Modica releases new single called ‘2 Moments of Clarity’.

US artist Giacomo Modica has just released a new single called ‘2 Moments of Clarity’. This tune has come three weeks after single ‘Simple Wonders’ and Giacomo will be releasing a new single every three weeks for a while. A companion book will be released as well with artwork by graphic storyteller GMB Chomichuk. The album ‘Lexiconmind’ is going to be a project to follow this year especially for Sci-Fi fans like me. 

‘2 Moments of Clarity’ begins with an interesting guitar riff that caught my interest. Then when the amazing vocals start I knew that I would review this song. Filled with music and vocals that are varied ‘2 Moments of Clarity is a real earworm in a good way. Meaning wise the song is an expression of feelings for someone that really needs to know those feelings. This is a song that many people will relate to including myself. I encourage you to take a listen to ‘2 Moments of Clarity’ here. 


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