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Valiancy release meaningful song called ‘In The Dark’.

Pop-Rock singer/songwriter and producer Valiancy has released an emotional song called ‘In The Dark’. Kyle Harris is the writer, producer and vocalist of this song that was written for his brother. The song has soft piano playing and Kyle’s emotional vocals that enhance the meaning. Writing this song about people who need help due to our world being full despair, even more so with the Corona Virus right now causing even more cruelty as people hoard things to look after themselves rather than care for vulnerable people. ‘In The Dark’ could be written about so many issues which means the song is relatable for so many people. ‘In The Dark’ is about helping others and that there is hope in this world. It makes the statement “Help others who are in need.” For me, Kyles vocals are a highlight of ‘In The Dark’. Beautiful, emotion fulled vocals I could listen to all day. Take a listen to ‘In The Dark’. here.  

Spotify: In The Dark

YouTube: In The Dark

Apple Music: In The Dark


Instagram: Valiancy

Facebook: ValiancyMusic

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