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The Vices drop new single ‘Boy’.

The Vices are a busy band! They love touring, check out their touring dates below. They also have their very own Festival called ViceFest that you can also check out below. Recently they have released a single called ‘Boy’ that caught my attention. Written during their first UK tour after seeing a small boy crossing the street with his heavily inebriated father. Discussing this with their photographer Floris Duijn, they all thought that life is not fair. The song itself explores how someone can be good but still end up in a bad place. So true! The uniqueness of the main vocals really make this song stand out. The catchy music plus of course the meaning equals a song that you must listen to. You can do that here. 




The Vice are hosting their own festival!

The first ever edition of VICEFEST will take place on 3 April at De Kelder in Groningen 

EVENT: ViceFest 2020

Tickets go on sale now via


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