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Elina drops new single ‘Paper Planes’.

Photo Credit_Hampus Hjellström

Elina is a singer-songwriter with one of the most beautiful vocal sound I have heard. Her vocals have an impressive range and caught my attention after only one line of the song. I have previously reviewed two of her singles called ‘Another Round‘ and ‘Here with Me‘. Click the links to read the reviews. Her songwriting for herself and other artists have won her awards in Sweden. With an impressive combined stream of 20 million on Spotify alone, I think that her latest single ‘Paper Planes’ will boost that figure out of the park. ‘Paper Planes’ was written to explore how to find resilience and hope when one is grieving. Written from personal experience Elina certainly has the songwriting down pact. Take a listen to ‘Paper Planes’ here. Elina, please keep writing and singing songs please! 


Here is the music video or if you prefer Spotify below.


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