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Elina releases new single called ‘Another Round’.

Elina is a singer-songwriter from Sweden. Her writing skills gained her many awards including winning ‘Song of the Year’ at the 2017 Swedish Publishing Awards. Elina’s solo career started last year in April and has already clocked up over 45 million streams to date on Spotify alone! The songs that Elina writes comes straight from her heart. Elina’s new single ‘Another Round’ is a great example of a song that Elina has written straight from the heart. With her amazing vocals and gently piano listening to  ‘Another Round’ is a real pleasure. After penning some songs that other artists had not chosen to use, Elina decided to create her own persona and release the songs herself. I am glad that she had as I adore ‘Another Round’. Elina writes that this process is cathartic, so it has been good for her too. Take a listen to ‘Another Round’ here.  


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