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Daniel Pearson has already racked up over 5 million Spotify streams for his singles in 2019 and now he is back with a gem of a bluesy rock song called ‘Brother’. This song stood out to me because of the different genres all mixed into one song. It is Bluesy yet soulful, with hip-hop drums and rock guitar riffs. I also adore Daniel’s vocal sound, it has the sound of a seasoned rock singer, strong and clear.  Daniel is able to clearly portray what the song is about, that at some point in time the world needs to make peace. “… a call for some kind of unity…” as Daniel puts it. Now, more so than ever with Corona Virus on everyone’s mind, we need to find some common ground and help each other. Check out ‘Brother’ here. 

Find Daniel at @daniel_pearson on Twitter and at on Facebook now.

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