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JC Stewart releases gem of a song called ‘Lying That You Love Me’.

JC Stewart has been fascinated by music since a very young age. As a teenager, he realized that writing music is how he can express his feelings and thoughts. You need to listen to his vocals to believe me when I say that they are the best sounding vocals that I have heard in a long time. Full of emotion they actually make my eyes fill up with tears when I listen to his latest track called ‘Lying That You Love Me’. Such a meaningful song that pulls at the heartstrings. The music video supports the sentiment of the song really well. Check out ‘Lying That You Love Me’ here and below that you can listen to hear more of JC’s songs.  


His own career has also gone from strength-to-strength following recent stand-out singles including ‘The Wrong Ones’, ‘Pick Up Your Phone’, ‘Bones’ and ‘Have You Had Enough Wine?’.

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