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Sub Cultures release debut single ‘Far Behind’.

Indie/Alternative rockers Sub Cultures only formed last year and have just released their debut single called ‘Far Behind’. I was surprised to read that it was their first single due to how damn good the single is! Working hard playing as many gigs as possible, it is clear that Sub Cultures have the drive and passion to evolve their sound to make the best music they can. ‘Far Behind’ is super catchy, starting with guitar hooks that drew my attention. With driving drums and of course Kane’s clear and strong vocals, this song is amazing! As ‘Far Behind’  is full of high energy, I think this song would be amazing to see live. However, in these times, it is best to listen to it via your preferred steaming services and wait this COR VID 19 out.  With a debut song of this quality, I think Sub Cultures have a bright future ahead. 

Take a listen here. 


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