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Jake Marra tells Jen his Top 5 emerging Melbourne-based acts plus listen to ‘The Day That You Left’!

One of Australia’s most exciting new pop artists Jake Marra has just released his magnetic debut single The Day That You Left, a hard-hitting track that details the wave of emotions that follows a significant loss, and how it feels to be drowning in the swell.  This magnetic single is out now.

Take a listen to ‘The Day That You Left,’ here. This song is full of emotions following a nasty breakup. Jake is great story teller expressing his feelings that are 100% relatable. I adore Jake’s vocal sound and the unique synth pop music brings this song up to an amazing level. – Music Injection Aus

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Jake tells Jen his Top 5 emerging Melbourne-based acts. Great choices Jake! 


You can’t be a fan of R&B and not have JAYDEAN on your playlist. It’s a crime and I won’t allow it! You may have already heard his silky, smooth vocals on Kaiit’s critically-acclaimed “OG Luv Kush Pt.2”, or seen him on stage alongside fellow Aussie, Ruel, but make no mistake – JAYDEAN can hold his own. With his soulful tones and refreshingly honest lyrics, JAYDEAN is someone you need to keep your eye on.

Jake’s Favourite Track: “Forget” (feat. KHIAKIARRA)

Benjamin Trillado

If you’re in the mood to have your heart ripped out of your chest, Benjamin Trillado is the man for you. Combining powerful vocals with heartbreakingly relatable lyrics, Benjamin is unapologetic in his approach, tackling themes that most of us are too afraid to revisit. Don’t believe me? Ask Ben Abraham, who personally selected Benjamin to share the stage with him in 2018. If you haven’t been to a Benjamin Trillado show, do yourself a favour and purchase a ticket to the next one. When you’re done mopping up your tears, you’ll thank me for it.

Jake’s Favourite Track: “First Kiss”

Jade Alice

As far as tone is concerned, you’ll have a hard time finding vocals sweeter than those of Jade Alice. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Kimbra and Lana Del Rey, Jade injects her masterful songwriting into irresistibly dreamy synth-pop anthems making her one of Melbourne’s most promising pop artists.

Jake’s Favourite Track: “Away”


She may have only just released her debut single, “Getting High”, but with it SAIYON has cemented herself as a powerhouse in the alternative R&B scene. Greatly influenced by artists like Nao, Kelela and KAYTRANADA, SAIYON superbly blends soulful melodies, pulsing synths, and hard-hitting R&B beats, drawing you into her world and I promise you’ll never want to leave.

Jake’s Favourite Track: “Getting High”

Mani Blü

Mani Blü knows exactly who they are and isn’t afraid to show it! With an andogynous 80s-inspired aesthetic combined with a dazzling electronic sound, Mani Blü is a pop lover’s dream. Drawing inspiration from the electro-pop era of the late 2000s can run the risk of sounding dated, but Mani Blü manages to take the perfect pieces of the pop puzzle and thrust them light years into the future.

Jake’s Favourite Track: “Round & Round”

More info on Jake

The Day That You Left will be everything and more for fans of Charli XCX, Troye Sivan and Dua Lipa – heartfelt, sincere lyricism paired with an irresistible beat and killer, sharp production.  The sentiment behind the track is intensely relatable; most will identify with the feeling of being fixated on everything said and done by someone just before they leave you for good.  Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Jake explains, The Day That You Left is the product of all the failed relationships I’ve experienced in my life.  It focuses on the denial that floods in when somebody is no longer in your life and the harsh wave of emotions that comes with it.  Whether it be a falling out with a friend, a break-up, or a death, most of us have experienced the feelings that come with losing somebody and I wanted to channel that into a dark, pulsating synth-pop track (produced and co-written by the brilliant Ben Oldand) that you can still bop along to while simultaneously crying your eyes out.”


It’s definitely fair to say Jake Marra has absolutely nailed the ‘dancing while crying your eyes out’ aesthetic championed by Robyn’s iconic Dancing On My Own, and all within his very first single.  It’s really no surprise though – Jake has been musical for many years, and even has a viral hit under his belt, as he says, “I’ve been musical my entire life, which is the answer that everyone gives, but the difference is that I had no idea I was any good at it.  It was something I did in secret when nobody was around to hear it and eventually, I started to realise I had something to offer.  I started two YouTube channels, one for singing covers, and one for mashups I produced.  In 2015, my mashup of Ariana Grande’s One Last Time and Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean? went viral.  There were articles about the mashup on Teen Vogue, Billboard and MTV, and Ariana Grande herself even said in an interview that she was ‘obsessed with it’ and that ‘whoever did it is a genius!’  Since then, I’ve been performing at various venues/festivals with Sunshine and Disco Faith Choir, as a backing vocalist for Melbourne R&B singer/songwriter, JAYDEAN, as well as working on original music.”

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