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Michael Costantini releases new single called ‘The Trust in Us’.

Soul/funk rocker Michael Costantini from Toronto has been around for a while in this scene. Michael has already played over 2,000 gigs!  He was the former leader of funk-rock band Organic Funk and member of many other Toronto bands. Recently releasing a single called ‘The Trust in Us’ that immediately caught my ear. With catchy guitar hooks and steady drumbeat, this song was able to change my mood and I had to listen to it again straight away. Working on getting trust in a relationship is tough going if it has been broken. Michael is singing about the choice that the couple needs to make. Make it right or call it quits. One thing I have not mentioned is his vocal sound and range. It is amazing! I am hoping that Michael Costantini keeps on writing music and working on his solo career. Take a listen here. 

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