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The Como Brothers release new single called ‘That Thing’.

Brothers Matt and Andrew Como are passionate musicians (singers, songwriters and performers). Their name, The Como Brothers is not unique but their music is. They combine pop and rock with a touch of blues to create their own sound. The Como Brothers music has been featured in shows like E! Networks Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MTV’s The Real World, and The Oxygen Channel’s Best Ink and on global in-store playlists for H&M, Zara, Pull Bear among others. Their videos have been playlisted in US stores like Walmart, Costco, BJs and others. 

The Como Brothers latest release ‘That Thing’ is a beautiful song full of romance. It is catchy and relatable if you have a special person that you love. Each month they release a new single and have been doing that for nearly a year. This month ‘That Thing’ is one that caught my attention as it easy to sing along to and connect to. Great vocals and meaningful lyrics have made ‘That Thing’ a must listen to song. 

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