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Ghita releases single called ‘Out of My Life’.

Growing up in multiple countries, Spain, Morocco, and Switzerland, Ghita had the chance to understand many cultures. This has helped her to create her own eclectic music sound with influences from all three countries. Moving to Boston to attend The Berklee College of Music no less! Spending three years there studying songwriting and performance, she is now based in Los Angeles. 

Ghita has just released a new single called ‘Out of My Life’. This song’s final sound was completely different than it started. Starting off as a reggae-influenced track, then turned into piano ballad before it changed into a pop song. Actually not just a pop song but a tune that is full of meaning and has Ghita’s incredible strong vocals. The song explores how you can keep a person in your life after you break up with them. The music video picks up on this theme with two storylines. Definitely a music video to watch! Got to hear Ghita’s voice! Check it out here.


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