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Blume Hinges releases new single called ‘One in the Same’.

Singer/songwriter Aaron Egeland born and based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has written a catchy tune called ‘One in the Same’. Aaron prefers writing songs individually as he likes to create tiny worlds that have their own song. Aaron kept his music to himself for a long time and I for one are really happy that he decided to share them with the world. His latest release ‘One in the Same’ is from his second album that will be released in August called ‘Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain’. The title is meant to convey a sense of solitary creation. This reminds me of Pharoah’s building pyramids in the mountains so no one would know where they were. A safe place. Aaron has an amazing vocal sound to go with his writing ability. ‘One in the Same’ is a relatable song as well as sounding so damn good! Take a listen here. 


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