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Ludvig The Band release single called ‘Not The Same’.

Composer and songwriter Truls Ludvig Johnsen formed Ludvig The Band way back in 2011. ‘Not The Same’ is unlike any song I have heard. There are unique sounds all the way through the super catchy music. Ludvig has let his creativeness flow in ‘Not The Same’ and this has made the song stand out. Genre wise you may ask? His press release states “a mix of orchestrated pop, progressive rock, folk and lo-fi indie. ” I am happy that this was stated as it is a hard song to classify. Regardless ‘Not The Same’ is like it’s name, a song like no other. Brilliant sounding vocals from Truls!  It is from Ludvig The Band’s second album, ‘You Will Shine’ released a few days ago. Below his Ludvig The Band’s full album as it is well worth a listen. Check it out here. 


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