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 Ian Ward releases new single ‘Tru Luv’.

Ian Ward is starring in Rock of Ages Hollywood, alongside Frankie Grande. Entertainment Weekly state “It’s Ian Ward who give(s) Rock of Ages its pulsing, neon-lit heart. Ward lends Drew, the show’s aspiring rocker, a glimmering naivety — his winsome, natural earnestness matched by his powerful belt and soulful voice.”

Ian certainly does have a “powerful belt and soulful voice” His latest single ‘Tru Luv’ is definitely a showcase for this. His vocal sound is engaging with the range and variation. Ian is a DYI artist who writes, arranges, records and produces all of his own music. So much talent! ‘Tru Luv’ is a relatable song for anyone who is waiting and wondering about their ‘Tru Luv’. There is a need to open yourself in order to find that real love. The song really tells a story through the lyrics. So I wanted to share ‘Tru Luv’ for that as well as how great Ian’s vocals have. Check it out here.  

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