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Ravi Amruth releases new single called ‘Bullets’.

London singer-songwriter Ravi Amruth writes music that mixes up many genres like classic rock, indie, pop-punk, and emo. Ravi has been writing songs since he was young and released his debut song ‘CurlyWurly’ in February 2019. Now he is back with a new single called ‘Bullets’. This song is from his full-length album, ‘Tracks to Lay Down On’, released in May 2019. 

‘Bullets’ is about how we really need to move on from any person that is toxic. A person that has treated his badly. With lyrics such as “

Burn all my money and tell me those lies again, Whoah oh

Leave your scars on me so I trip up now and then

If your words were never meant to hurt,

Then what about all the bullets?

When I am singing along to ‘Bullets’ I am singing it with one person in mind. If you have ever had a toxic relationship you will relate to this song. Ravi has a great vocal sound and has poured his emotions into them. I highly recommended that you take a listen to ‘Bullets’ here. 


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