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‘Demons’ is Alara’s latest single.

New Jersey artist Alara has been writing music since she was 11. Teaching herself the guitar as well! Alara grew up listening to ABBA, Gloria Estefan, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder with her mum who also has a beautiful voice. Now we now where Alara inherited her talent from. What a talent it is!! Alara’ vocals are incredible. Soft but powerful, gentle at times then strong the next. Her single ‘Demons’ is a song to listen to when you need to relax. The music is gentle but it is really her vocals that gently coaxed me to relax. Meaning wise, the idea that everyone’s demons are different. It also suggests that because something bad has happened to you in the past does not mean that it can’t happen in the future. Take a listen to ‘Demons’ here. 

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