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Douglas Shea releases single ‘Blue Green (This Time) feat Harmonee’.

Los Angeles based singer & songwriter Douglas Shea has a noble aim, to assist people going through challenging times and raise awareness for important issues like mental health. Influenced by bands such as Coldplay and The Fray, artists Ed Sheeran and mixing these influences with his love of electronic themes, Shea has forged his own sound. The thing that made ‘Blue Green (This Time)’, his latest release, stand out was the meaning lyrically. Douglas Shea’s goal is to write songs that assist people when they are going through a rough time. ‘Blue Green (This Time)’ was written when someone he cares about was experiencing a tough time with their mental health. Harmonee worked on the song to bring the song to life with music that also made the song stand out for me amongst 100’s of songs I listened to the day I approved it. Oh and another thing… this is Douglas Shea’s debut single! I look forward to hearing loads more from him! 

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